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Cradle Crochet Purse

2011 July 6
by admin

Light Pink Cradle Purse, Baby Doll, Blanket, and Pillow. When Jessica and Heather were toddlers I made them each a "cradle purse" –a crocheted drawstring bag that folds down to make a doll bassinet. Please leave a comment if you use the pattern. I would love to hear from you! Crocheted Cradle Purse measures 5 x 6 inches when closed. Free Cradle Pattern now available on Beadedsocks. net Crocheted Cradle Purse with little doll. com has great deals on cute cradle purses! They are available in the following colors:Pink, Bright Pink, Bright Blue, Baby Blue, Yellow, and Purple.

Cradle Crochet Purse

  • Crocheted Cradle Purse measures approximately 5 x 6 inches when closed.
  • The top turns down to reveal a baby in the cradle.
  • Miss Y is becoming quite the little mother to all her dollies.
  • She loves wrapping them up in dish towels or daddy's t-shirts.
  • Buy your own handmade crochet doll cradle that turns into a purse.
  • These Crochet Purse Patterns are just gorgeous.

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