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Crochet Exchange Group

2012 May 11
by admin

Free knitting and crochet patterns, tips, instructions, convert patterns, granny square swap, list of local groups, donation requests, and merchandise. At my house we share secrets, ideas, and just have fun. We are a knitting and crochet group. What is freeform? Freeform crochet is like painting. The hook is a brush and the yarn a paint. I have been working from home since February of last year. The Meetup Groups shown here are topically similar to The Atlanta Crochet and Knit Meetup Group. How and where can you get involved for the full crochet Internet experience.

Crochet Exchange Group

  • Explore crochet with real people who love to stitch with yarn and hooks.
  • and kits for making crocheted and toothbrush rugs.
  • Original doll designs by Aunt B for Ken dolls, as well as a few for Barbie.
  • Well, better late than never! About ten years ago, I participated in two exchanges on the the Crochet Partners online group.
  • Ladies Crocheted Sweater . STAR NEEDLEWORK JOURNAL 1917 . exchange to knit.
  • All of these projects are from my group member.

More information about Crochet Exchange Group on the site:

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