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Crochet Fasten Off

2012 May 7
by admin

Amigurumi is a Japanese terminology which means knitted or crocheted doll. Crochet Me is a community for crocheters. This is a fun project that you can do in an afternoon. Hats for children and adults at Craftown. Fasten Off. Work your last crochet stitch until you have two loops remaining. Cut the yarn, leaving at least a 4 inch tail. Photos showing how to weave in the ends when you are finished with a crochet project.

Crochet Fasten Off

  • Hey, everyone! I got a shirt for my birthday that was really cute, but really needed a belt.
  • I was inspired by this belt designed by Edie Eckman.
  • To finish off crochet is to fasten off the end so that it doesn't come unraveled.
  • This is the last step that you do when crocheting.
  • A place to share some of my original patterns.
  • ariadne valentine's day massacre Three Crocheted Coozies Design by Danica Lyons for Ariadne www.ariadneknits.

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