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Double Ended Crochet Hook Afghan

2011 May 9
by admin

You'll want to try this new and exciting technique of crocheting in the round on multiple double-ended hooks. two sizes in one! Double-ended crochet hook. Hand-crafted from multi-colored laminated birch wood with a fine, smooth finish. JOANNE'S REVERSIBLE DOUBLE-ENDED CROCHET HOOK AFGHAN. The following pattern is an original design by JoAnne Heuschele and is posted with her permission. Print this article; Use a special hook to crochet a double-sided afghan. Look at any crocheted afghan and you'll see it has two sides — the front and the back.

Double Ended Crochet Hook Afghan

  • Many of you might have seen pretty crochet hooks with two working ends; that is it has two hooks on either side of the shaft.
  • Afghan Crochet Hooks An afghan crochet hooks are longer than most crochet hooks with a stopper or extender cable on the end to enable all loops to stay on the hook.
  • Double ended crochet hooks – Find the largest selection of double ended crochet hooks on sale.
  • Many crochet stitches look great on one side and not the other.
  • Included in 101 Double-Ended Hook are closely woven stitch patterns to the more open and lacy Crochenitâ„¢ stitches.
  • Double-Ended Crochet Hooks and Circular Crochet Hooks are available here at Knitting-Warehouse.

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