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Fasten Off In Crochet

2012 May 14
by admin

MAGIC RING 1. Make a loop with Excerpted from "Creepy Cute Crochet" by Christen Haden. To finish off crochet is to fasten off the end so that it doesn't come unraveled. This is the last step that you do when crocheting. Fasten Off a Crochet Project with How-tos From Names you Trust. Start Fastening Off a Crochet Project with Trusted Crochet Advice NOW. Find steps by Amos Craft Publishing. Fasten Off. Work your last crochet stitch until you have two loops remaining. Cut the yarn, leaving at least a 4 inch tail.

Fasten Off In Crochet

  • Photos showing how to weave in the ends when you are finished with a crochet project.
  • How to fasten off: A securely fastened off stitch helps to keep the yarn from unraveling once the hook is removed.
  • Take your needle and insert it into your second stitch, from where you ended, and pull the yarn through.
  • Grampo Moves In In anticipation of the new baby, Grampo has moved in with us from Colorado to help play baby-sitter.
  • Lately I have been doing a lot of crocheting in the round, and have been exploring techniques to make the pieces look their best.
  • Best Answer: At the end of the work you have one loop left.

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