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Hand Carved Crochet Hooks

2012 May 11
by admin

Crochet hooks of glass or hand carved bone on a wooden shaft with a horn hook for your pleasure or gift giving. The crochet hooks are made from combining three different materials. Custom Handcrafted Wood Crochet Hooks and other Wooden Needlework Items created from a variety of domestic & exotic hardwoods. Jimbo I'm a semi retired patent agent, but its not about that; I've been married to a beautiful woman since she was 18 and I was 21 in 1968. Since my earlier posts, i’ve made lots of hooks, hand carved from branch wood. In order to crochet, you'll need a proper crochet hook. Learn how to make your own crochet hooks.

Hand Carved Crochet Hooks

  • My hope is this site will provide a quality resource to people who are interested in carving their own crochet hooks.
  • Priced $5.00. This is a hand carved wooden crochet hook.
  • Insurance is optional, if wanted please add $1.50 to the total price when you make payment.
  • Discover the world of wooden crochet hooks – easy on the hands, and fun to collect.
  • Turn deadwood into a beautiful object you'll have forever.
  • These are the latest of crochet hook designs I’m experimenting with.

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